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Liesbet draws on many different modalities to give a truly holistic approach to her lifestyle coaching. She has been studying, practicing, and experiencing the benefits of yoga, bodywork, meditation, and different ways of eating for over 25 years. Whether you choose to work with her in one area of your life, or more, you can expect to move forward on your journey and become a step closer to being whole in the sense of being more vital, content, and free from pain.

From Liesbet, “I started off in 1994 as a massage therapist and realized that I needed to be physically strong to continue this work, which is when I started yoga, and was certified in 1998 as a Kundalini yoga teacher. I then became really interested in Thai massage since it is closely tied to yoga and shiatsu, which I had also studied.

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In 2002, I had my daughter and started to teach prenatal yoga. My students loved how they felt when they left my classes so much that they wanted me with them while they birthed, so I became a doula for a short time. Being on call was challenging with a young daughter so I started to teach partners how to doula for their baby mama which led me to ‘calm birth’ and consequently to hypnosis as I now practice it.”

Nourishing Body and Mind is devoted to achieving proven results with regard to stress management. This is obtained through a sampling of services, streamlined for the client. Depending on the wishes of the client, they can receive holistic therapeutic services that will center the body and mind. Board-certified, Liesbet Pryke is able to utilize a number of disciplines to acquire a satisfying end result for her clients. You will be glad that you gave her a call.

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