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A Deeper

Sense of Well-Being

Practice mindful movement, relaxation and stress management with a methodology that gives profound life changing results time and time again.
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Take Your Stress Management
To the next level
With Nourishing Body and Mind, take the first step toward a more complete and balanced lifestyle so that you can live out your dreams.
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Reach your Life Goals

With personalized guided meditations

Experience a secure sense of self with hypnotherapy, breathwork and guided meditation.
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Discover Our Board-Certified Hypnotherapy Resources

Discover Our Board-Certified Hypnotherapy Resources

If you suffer from stress and anxiety, you are not alone. So many people suffer in silence and you don’t have to. We offer personalised sessions that are specifically tailored to your unique needs. Experience hypnotherapy to engender a deeper sense of wellbeing.

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Hypnosis is for you if:

  • You feel something that you don't want to feel.
  • You do something that you don't want to do.
  • You DON'T do something that you NEED to do.
  • You want to do something BETTER.
Believe In The Innate Power Of Your Own Self Healing

Believe In The Innate Power Of Your Own Self Healing

Nourishing Body and Mind believes that we have all the answers within us to truly heal. My work is to simply guide you to those answers, like your own personal navigation system. I offer the following services to open you to all the possibilities that are available to you so that you can experience more joy and contentment on a daily basis.

  • Assisted Meditation

    Hypnosis & Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

  • Therapeutic Yoga

    Therapeutic Yoga

  • Thai Massage Shiatsu

    Thai Massage & Shiatsu

  • Thai

    Guided Meditation

  • Calm Birth Prenatal Care

    Calm Birth and Prenatal Care

Contact Nourishing Body and Mind Today

I am dedicated to providing holistic solutions to everyday stressors. With just a simple phone call, you can reach me for a friendly clarity call.



Lifestyle Coaching That Will Allow You To Step into your Power. Please feel free to review other client’s testimonials.

Guy Young
Guy Young
This was my first time with Hypnotherapy. I read Liesbet’s reviews and they were impressive. So I scheduled my first appointment and I was amazed. Both with therapy and with Liesbet. She’s a wonderful person. Easy to communicate with. After 1 session I feel a sense of calm. Something I haven’t felt in years. I would recommend Nourishing Body and Mind to everyone! If anything, go meet Liesbet. You’ll be glad you did. She’s a beautiful person. Oregon
David Schwartz
David Schwartz
I have been working with and talking with Liesbet for a couple months. I was referred to Liesbet by a close friend in light of my recently diagnosed rare blood disease --- a disease that causes nerve disruption; inner tissue malfunction; and, organ mitigation. My symptoms are fatigue; pain; and more. Because of my unique medical condition --- and my personality --- I am always open to new channels of healthy living.....nutrition, fitness, physical therapy and others. Having said that, I have never been subject to formal meditation leadership/instruction; hypnosis; and, a sophisticated form of relaxation. My friend's recommendation to meet with Liesbet was most welcoming. I have had one formal session of relaxation/mediation/subconscious exploration with Liesbet. Additonally, I listen to ---multiple times --- almost daily --- two of Liesbet's tapes --- which quite frankly --- feel as though they are personally directed solely to me. Liesbet's approach is kind. Liesbet listens. Liesbet does a full professional review of "who you are".....what you may want to achieve....and, does not proceed until she is comfortable with her method/approach and of course, approval to move forward from the client. I appreciated this greatly, as this was a newfound odyssey I was about to embark upon. My session was everything I had hoped it to be. Liesbet's soothing voice, direction, warmth and attention to my being was not only comforting but it allowed me to fully relax to the point where I achieved a restfulness and destressed state of weighlessness, deep relaxation, contentment and candidly --- a state of unwind I had never experienced. When the session concluded (approx. 40 min) I could still vaguely hear Liesbet but because of the serene state I was in, I was unable to --- nor did I want to --- wake up. Ten minutes later I arose and felt energized and clear-of-mind. It felt so good. I look forward to my next session with Liesbet. BTW, Liesbet records the session and sends it to you in order that you may repeat the experience on your own. I enthusiastically and highly recommend Liesbet to anyone considering a freshing and engaging experience steeped in relaxation of body, subconscious and the full being. Liesbet is a pro's pro. David Schwartz
Aiko Ella
Aiko Ella
Liesbet has introduced me to the wonders of hypnosis and I’m in love. I had a hard time falling asleep at night but hypnosis with her helped me so much. Her hypnosis has also helped me with stress management among many other things. She is professional but very kind and welcoming. I always leave feeling so much better I highly recommend!!!
Lauren Morando
Lauren Morando
Liesbet is awesome, she is beyond passionate and really knows her stuff! I would highly recommend her services:)
Sarah M
Sarah M
Liesbet is a true professional. I have taken yoga with her through pregnancies and now, as a busy mom. She is calming and gentle. She knows her craft well. She knows anatomy and physiology well enough to recommend the exact poses necessary for tight or sore muscles. Her classes are challenging but she’s skilled in always recommending modifications to fit one’s own fitness level. I absolutely love Liesbet’s yoga classes and highly recommend her.
Liesbet Pryke is very proficient in her field, as well as professional and well mannered. Highly recommended.

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